Creativity is Contagious!

 Yesterday Miles found the table with the watercolor and cardstock paper. He started cutting a “swirl” out of the square paper. He painted his “swirl” red. Being inspired by Miles’ “swirl” I placed more paper in his work space and a jar of glue. He placed his red “swirl” on another square paper and painted around it transforming it into a stencil. We admired the negative space the stencil created but Miles wasn’t finished with his idea. He decided to glue the red “swirl” on top of the negative space and he was finished.


All the while near by Dutch was watching. I had placed many materials in front of him but he remained seemingly unengaged. When he saw Miles’ finished product he told me he wanted to make what Miles had made but he didn’t know how. I handed him scissors and drew with my finger on the paper where he should cut to make a “swirl”. He began cutting and continued the process he watch Miles go through.

The end result was different but Dutch seemed satisfied! When Dutch showed us his finished product Miles and I realized when held right side up it was the number nine and held up side down it was a number six! How cool!
Thanks for letting me watch your creations friends!
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