Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

The past couple weeks we’ve been exploring colors. We’ve explored  colors in the form of paint with brushes, sponges and our fingers, with paper, markers and tissue paper. First it was the color black mixed with white. Then it was blue and yellow and the next week was red and yellow. Because we’ve created and bottled our mixtures of color we’re now capable of painting with green and orange. With these colors we’ll explore the colors of autumn. Leaves transforming from shades of green, red and orange. Pumpkins and squash! We’ll be connecting our investigations with the world around us. Can’t wait!

Here’s some inspiring words on repetition from Bev Bos’s book “Before the Basics”.

“Repetition remains one of the most important keys to learning in young children. They need to do things many, many times in order to master them and then, more important, to feel comfortable doing them – to enjoy doing them.”

“Even the nearly-five-year-old who is in a program for a third year will benefit from repeating an activity that is genuinely child-centered, because the older child will be able to use the activity in a different way than it was used the first time around.”

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