I Want to Paint with Pink!

This morning Charlie was painting at the easel. The only colors at the easel at the time was yellow and red. Charlie comes to me and says “I want to paint with Pink! Pink like the color on my shirt.”. We went to the paint supply and looked for pink but couldn’t find any. I asked “How do we make pink with the colors that we do have Charlie?”. Charlie picks the color red and the color yellow. We brought trays and paintbrushes to our work space and began to experiment.

We found a wonderful color! Dark Orange. It wasn’t pink but we liked it. I asked Charlie what could we do to get Pink? She decided to use two different paint brushes and the color just mixed more. Charlie decided to add more red and then to add more yellow but the color of orange just varied in lightness and darkness. She sat down and thought. We had lots of friends asking if they could help but Charlie insisted that she figure it out herself. She finally game to the conclusion to add white. We returned to the paint supply and retrieved the color white!

Charlie made Pink! White added to red made the color Pink.

Near by Jasper had been watching us. He came close and asked Charlie if he could help and Charlie said he could help adding more red to her white. She started a new mixture!

One mixture was a light pink and the other was a darker pink. We canned them and Charlie got to take them home!

Charlie you really made a pink that matches the color of your shirt! Thanks for letting me explore the color Pink with you!

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One Response to I Want to Paint with Pink!

  1. allie says:

    Hi! I just found this blog through Michelle – I’m really enjoying reading about the children’s explorations in the studio, and I’ll definitely come back! Thanks for sharing.

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