Studio Upheavel.

If you’ve been anywhere near the studio recently you’d notice that the studio has been transforming in many ways in preperation for the new floors coming in over the break and the new wall color. Everything that touches the floor must be removed. Anything on the walls must be taken down.

I’m sorry I’ve not posted about all the exciting things we’ve been creating. Here are some snipits of what we’ve been up to.

Emmett rolling a print he drew.

Vega and the flags she printedOwen and his flags!Finno grinding and mixing spices.Owen and Nova working with cloves and oranges.

Holden next to his finished portrait.

Cosmo gathering ideas for his elf portrait.

We’ve been working hard and creating magical things! Come visit the studio after its facelift! Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

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One Response to Studio Upheavel.

  1. jana Young says:

    My favorite Christmas gift; CJ’s self portrait!
    Thank you!

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