We’re back and lovin it!

The studio is wonderful. Bright and clear and simply wonderful!  I have tons of photos of us exploring the space and figuring out what works best in what space! But with the move the computers have been a bit funky and we can’t quite seem to get the photos to upload. We’ll all have to exercise a bit of patience while we wait for those photos!

However it does not require much technology to create a wish list! The studio is looking for all sorts of things! Just remember what makes a useful donation; quantity! If there is a lot of it, chances are it will be extremely exciting! (so start collecting!)

I’ve also gotten quite a bit of feedback from our adults, in regards to the amount of artwork coming home! So I’d like to post a few words of wisdom from Ann Pelo. You can find these words in her wonderful book “The Language of Art.”

Your children are proud of their art. They’ve invested tremendous energy and effort in it and are excited to share the results with you. They talk about you as they create,: “My mom is gonna love this beautiful canoe!” “My dad will be so surprised when he sees my painting!”
Its challenging, though, to honor your child’s work when a lot of it begins flooding your home. Here are some ways you can support your children’s important representational work when it comes home:
– Create a special display space at home, like a shelf with room for one or two sculptures and paintings and title cards. You and your child can choose the creations to display.
-When an art piece first comes home or when an art piece is replaced on the display shelf, take a photo or make a drawing of the creation, Keep these photos and sketches in an album: “Emma’s Art Book.”

Allow your child to be the curator of their own gallery. It can be their responsibility and decision to choose which pieces will be exhibited. I love hearing your feedback on these processes! Please don’t be shy.

Come visit the studio! We’re always excited to have visitors! See you soon!

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