Portraits of Birds by Orcas Friends!

Our friends in Orcas Island Classroom have been exploring the wonderful word of Birds! what they look like, what they eat, where they live, how the move and what they sound like! As the studio teacher I was invited in to lead an activity exploring more about what they look like. With donated wood from a parent in the Blake Island Classroom and pictures from our Northwest Native Bird book we sat together first investigating the shapes and lines that we saw on the bird. With sharpie we drew those shapes we saw. Focusing on line and texture the children learned the a simple trick used in Still Life Drawing; look a little, draw a little, look a little and then draw a little. They worked hard and created dynamic portraits of the Steller’s Jay, the Black-capped Chickadee, the American Robin and the Field Sparrow.

The next week we focused on the color of our birds. We looked and found that the colors we saw we red, orange,white, brown, black, yellow and sometimes blue. They learned how to best use their paintbrushes with the watercolor cakes and proceded to add color to they portraits. This was very exciting to watch the birds come to life just by adding color. It was a joy to watch.

They turned out wonderfully! We are all very proud!

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