We all need a bit of struggle to learn and grow.

Today I spent a bit of time with Fiona at the loose parts table. She was working with wrapping paper and masking tape. I believe her idea was to create a fancy belt for her mother. While she worked with the masking tape, we were both reminded of an experience earlier in the school year in which she struggled with the technicalities of working with tape. We reflected on the fact that now she understands how to simultaneously weild scissors and tape, that she has found her own way to unravel the tape, cut it and apply it to her work without it getting tangled and without help from a friend.

After we had finished her project and cleaned the studio I remember I had video taped her prior tape experience. Fiona, I admire your dedication to the project and your idea about tape. You were very persisitant where most would give up in frustration. You insisted that you’d figure it out on your own and in time you did.  Your learning is truly visible!

As an onlooker to Fiona’s process I hope you can find the value in struggle.

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One Response to We all need a bit of struggle to learn and grow.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love that this early tape experience was caught on film. What a wonderful way to reflect on past experiences and for a child to be able to really see their own mastery. So glad you are there for these moments Jaala.

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