Handwriting Without Tears

Teacher Jen is a Blake Island teacher but also works with the preschoolers 2x a week and the K2 daily on letter and number recognition as well as pencil/crayon grip and handwriting.  A lot of the work that Jen and I do naturally overlap in seamlessly.

As the joining space between every classroom I like to think of the Studio as the melting pot of our school. Where ideas from every classroom can come to be cultivated and  flourish. The past couple weeks Jen has been exploring numbers and their excitement has seeped into studio as well as their classrooms. They’ve explored objects that look like the number 1. They chatted about all the things on our bodies that come in 2s. They’ve discussed how many things come in 3s or 4s? And so on.

So to honor that excitement and encourage further explorations I’ve printed the numbers from the “Handwriting Without Tears” Number Formation Chart and posted them on the easels.

One afternoon four of us painted numbers on each easel. Check out the finished product and while you’re at check out the age difference in the children involved. Numbers are great!

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