The Living Classroom + Handwriting Without Tears + Studio =

When asking Michelle what Mystery Bay needed from studio time one sunny afternoon she said “We need to go on a nature walk!”. So we decided to combine Michelle’s table time, Handwriting Without Tears lessons and Studio time to go on a nature walk collecting items we could use to create a nature Alphabet.

  1. The Living Classroom = Adventure and Nature.
  2. Handwriting Without Tears = Letter and Number Recognition.
  3. Studio = Creativity.

We wondered hand in hand throughout the neighborhood, enjoyed the sunshine, discussed the types of lines and curves we’ll need to find in order to spell the letters of the alphabet.  We also found a partially dried up mud puddle in the alley. It had a tiny paw print pressed into it. Can you tell what kind of animal that might have been?


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2 Responses to The Living Classroom + Handwriting Without Tears + Studio =

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  2. Anita says:

    I love this idea and plan on doing the same in my classroom in the next few weeks.

    How is the alphabet looking now that the colors of the dandelion have faded or that plants have dried up?

    Also, what did you fasten it to? Some kind of white board?

    Love it! Thanks for posting!

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