Holy-Big Yard Mosaic-Batman!

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been working on a substantial project in the big yard. Due to the amount of grout on my fingers and the energy left in my body at the end of this long, joyful, exciting and fun-filled week I’ll being leaving you with just two moments caught on film.

This is Arista from the Blake Island Classroom exploring the world of Thin-Set Mortar. Notice how she could careless about the actual stones. She’s been a dedicated worker this week and I value her desire to work with the “goo”. Plus my heart is filled with joy when i think of Arista mortaring with Daft Punk rockin out in the background! What a great day!

The second video is of a guest who volunteered his time on the mural. This is Charlie’s older brother Adrian! Notice his interest in each piece of tumbled glass! Thank you Adrian for joining us, the time I spent with you this friday afternoon was a joy.

Come drop by next week for scrubbing, grouting and sealing!

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