An inpsiration.

I just recently was given an article to read about Jim Lloyd, a animal behaviorist at the University of Florida. Although the article was about how Doc (Prof. Lloyd) knew almost everything a person could know about fireflies, it also addressed his alternative teaching style. Here is an amazing quote I discovered in this article!

In the style of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s nineteenth-century prose, Doc wrote:

“Why should not our students also enjoy an original relation with their universe? Why should not our learners have a poetry and philosophy of insight and not of tradition, and science by revelation to them, and not merely through the history of others? Surrounded in nature, whose floods of life stream around and through them and will invite them by the invigoration they supply to actions that reach to achieve new heights of insight, why should our students grope among the dry bones of the past, or the molecules or elections of some wanting future, and live themselves as role-playing facades they know from TV? The sun shines today too. There are things to be explored and found again, fresh.”

Thank you Mike Kasprzak for the inspiring material and feed back!

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