Simple moments

We’re constantly trying out our new skills, testing and practicing ideas and making new friends! Here are some examples of simple moments in the studio.


Lily and our studio rat Frosty


Silas asked me to tie the string around the duck and I suggested he ask a friend. He asked a fellow classmate, Henry.


Jasper’s reflections on safety pins.



Franklin working on a hole puncher! This is a great example of a child valuing the process more than the product. Just because your child isn’t bringing home art work doesn’t mean he/she isn’t exploring the world of art making!


Ethan exercising his powerful hands!


Penelope experiences her large motor skills while mixing paint!


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One Response to Simple moments

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s funny how these ‘simple’ moments feel so profound to me-the magic of these experinces just thrills me-and most people wouldn’t even notice. I love that you notice them too. Thank you.

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