What’s your Idea?

If you’ve ever set foot in The Studio while both children and I are present you’ll quite often hear the phrase “What’s your Idea?”. Sometimes used as a way to reflect with an artist on a seemingly “abstract” creation,  but it is most often times used in hosting conflict resolution. We all have ideas.

Please take 4 minutes and 7 seconds to hear Steven Johnson’s idea on “Where Good Ideas Come From.” I ask you to focus on his reflections of “Innovative Environments” rather than the daunting phrase “Good Ideas”.


“You have to figure out a way to create systems that allow those hunches to come together.” A place in which small ideas (or hunches) can collide with other small ideas and create a “Breakthrough”.  Much like collisions, the meeting of two ideas can be a hard process to watch, but an unbelievably valuable moment of learning. We all have ideas about the world around us. The trick is building a place in which those ideas can come out and blend together. Everyday at school each and every one of us are challenged to think about others ideas while speaking clearly and respectfully about our own ideas.  These are life long skills that create a space for “Breakthroughs”.

Whether that “breakthrough” is discovering successful ways of playing with others or new ways of manipulating materials they are all important steps to growth. All of our “breakthroughs” look different, some have been made before many times and others are brand new, but all are all important steps in becoming a higher functioning human.

School is a place for ideas to collide, for both child and adult alike!

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2 Responses to What’s your Idea?

  1. Melissa says:

    I want to wrap up this post in a warm snuggly blanket and cuddle with it I love it so much!!!!! I really love the phrase “what’s your idea?” because it always feels like a non-judgmental way to gather information. Three cheers for the studio and three cheers for Jaala!

  2. janeafoster says:

    I agree with Melissa plus I want to add I love the picture of you at the table with the kids…perfect you!

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