What special thing do you do with your family this time of year?

When I asked parts of our community this question these were the responses. I found their reflections truly telling of who we are as a school, how we think of our families and what is special to us.

I make a paper chain with grandma every year. I take one off everyday until Christmas day. -Hannah

I get a fake Christmas tree because we go to Detroit. -Alijah

Every year we go someone as a family. Sometimes we visit people and sometimes we don’t. -Ellis

We light candles and we get a Christmas tree. -Sami

We play. -Lily

We put up a Christmas tree. We open our stocking in bed. -Lucas

We put up a metal Christmas tree. My elf hides when it gets closer to
Christmas. -Atti

We eat Chinese food and its my birthday! -Whitney

We decorate two Christmas trees. One for my mom and dad and one for me. -Royal

We go to grandma’s in Bellingham. -Nora

We sleep and a naughty elf comes out inthe night and we wake up and find them. I find two elves and Nora finds two. -Carter

We write our wish list and throw them in the fire for the fire fairies to take to Santa. -Jaala

I make snowmen when i go on vacation. -Liliana

We eat a Christmas dinner. Normally we eat turkey. -Jake

On a snowy day we make an igloo. -Chase

We take a vacation to someplace warm. -Adah

We go on walks. -Charlie

We make gingerbread cookies. -Audrey

When its sunny we play outside. -Una

We decorate a Christmas tree. -Josephine

I wear warm clothes. -Hondo

Every year we go somewhere. -Eli

We decorate our Christmas tree with a lot of ornaments. -Clover

My daddy has a Christmas tree and me mommy has a Christmas tree. They are decorated. -Kyuss

We go to Colorado to see Nana and Papa. We always go for two weeks. Santa comes to Colorado and brings me presents. -Mia

We dress up like Santa and drive around in our car and deliver presents. -Jasper

We ski. -Max

I throw snowballs at them. -Katherine

We have a special ornament that is fragile. We hang it on our tree. -Finn

Eat chocolate everyday. It’s in a calendar. -Dante

In the winter me and mom make snowmen. -Teo

When it’s really really cold out we play games together. -Sofia B

We play with snow. -Salvadore

We read our favorite holiday books. -Amy

We build snowmen. -Sonja

We throw snowballs. -Emmett

Our home is decorated and we have a tree. -Stone

I Skype with my family. -Sarah

We get a Christmas tree. -Declan

I cook. -Octavio

I give presents. -Vivian

Me, my mom and Wyatt go to the park. My dad and I have a snowball fight and sometimes I get my mom. -Holden

We have people over. -Izzy

We play games and drink hot milk. -Jenn



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