I’ve been hearing lots of talk about what ideas are and why we have them. I skipped around wikipedia a bit to gather some ideas about how to speak meta-cognitively. You know how we love to think about thinking here at CSWS. Here are some ideas I gathered from our beloved “free encyclopedia”.

Plato, one of the first philosophers to discuss ideas in detail. He asserted that there is a realm of Forms or Ideas, which exist independently of anyone who may have thought of these ideas. Plato held that ideas are perfect, eternal, and immutable.








Descartes often wrote of the meaning of idea as an image or representation, often but not necessarily “in the mind”. “Some of my thoughts are like images of things, and it is to these alone that the name ‘idea’ properly belongs.”

“An idea is a concept or mental impression”, “The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings.”


I’ve also asked my friends at school what they thought about it. Here are some answers to the question “Where do ideas come from?”

“Your imagination.” -Nora







“A lot of ideas come from life outside.” -Ellis







“Experiences.” Michelle

“Stories.” -Bryn






“They come from the air somewhere.” -Coho







“From my spirit animal.” -Hannah

“the Brain.” Emmett







“I don’t know.” -Lila

“Imagination.” -Fiona







“Dunno.” -Elsie

“I keep having cool ideas to make awesome stuff.” -Sami







“Thinking of them.” -Teo

“Your brain.” -Hondo








“Great ideas originate in the muscles.”
Thomas A. Edison

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