What can you teach me?

I asked Lucas if I could sit and draw with him and he graciously pulled a seat out and supplied me with drawing materials. I asked him what he was going to draw and he stated “A Caterpillar!” I then asked if he could teach me the way he draws caterpillars.

“First you draw a circle like this.” He draws a circle and waits for me to copy the shape on my own paper. “Then you draw another circle right here but this time connect the ends. Its his head.” Again he waits for me to follow the directions. “Then you add his legs like this.”

For a moment we explored the wonderful world of mathematics. Using number vocabulary and other mathematic terms such as “Total” or “All Together”. Even though the consecutive counting gets mixed up towards 9 and 10, it was exciting to see his confidence in the concept of adding and sharing ideas and techniques. Thank you Lucas! That was a joy.

The learning moment I shared with Lucas inspired me to ask Liviya, who was sitting at the table with us, if she had anything she could teach me. She thought for a moment then knew very confidently what she could share.

Liviya was very confident in knowing which letters spelled familiar names, as well as how to construct and write the letters. Thank you Liviya for sharing with me your talent and interest in spelling. You are a strong communicator.

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