What special thing does your family do in the summer when it gets hot?

Fly a kite. The wind helps the kite fly.        -Salvadore
I’m gunna go to Orcas again!        -Hannah
Go to the park and play.        -Winter
I go to the wading pool and swim in the water.        -Mackenzie
I go in my pool.        -Molly
I play hide and seek!        -Sasa
Sometimes we go on trips, like Florida!        -Maya
Summer Party!        -Bryn
Go to Arkansas.            -Royal
Go to the fountain downtown.         -Atti
We went camping on Vashon.         -Ellis
We go to the wading pool. We play in the water!        -Carter
We sometimes eat popsicles or ice cream sandwiches
and sometimes fudgesicles.         -Ronin
We usually go to the wading pool! It’s so fun!         -Bella
Going on the slop and slide.         -Ethan

Play in the sprinkler.         -Misha

We go in the pool in the yard!         -Shia
We BBQ!         -Eric
Ella and Cole set up a water slide near the evening and we bring our towels and play until it gets cold.         -Nora
Sit down, relax and have some snacks outside.        -Izzy
We usually go to the swimming pool at the Y. We also go to our friends house and play in their hot tub!        -Holden
Go camping! Picnics with our friends and eat pancakes for dinner!         -Mia W.
I go swimming. I take swimming lessons. I also swim in my own pool.        -Adah
I go to the swimming pool.        -Roman
I go inside and my mom puts on a machine that makes it cold.        -Marcus
I put on sunscreen and play outside.         -Donovan
Oh, we just relax and drink things.        -Jaxon
Go swimming.        -Emmett
We swim.        -Sailor
I play at a park with Kiki.        -Kias
I wanna go in my pool.        -Zia
Go in the hot tub.        -Erez
We garden together.        -Alijah
We go swimming.       -Jake

Play in the lake till the sun goes down!        -Jaala
Eat watermelon and swim in a river!        -Whitney

(Send me photos of family summer fun! I’ll post them up at school and here!)

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