Understanding Flags

Mystery Bay is exploring European Flags inspired by the Revolutionary War, the Olympics and the flags that hang from the ceiling at the pool we visit every Thursday.
First we did the German Flag.


“Even if its really hard to do, you keep going and you’re really focused.” Jake and Lucas

“When Izzy, Maya and I work in our math books we’re determined to work hard.” Norah


“To do something even though you’re if scared to.” Coho

“I think Adah was really brave when she went on the Hillside for the first time.” Lucas

“I was brave when I rode my bicycle without training wheels.” Carter


“To give and not need anything back.” Jake

“I was generous when I wrote a card for someone special.” Ellis

“I was generous when I caught a baby owl when it was falling.” Adah


Then we did the French Flag


“Peace.” -Norah

“Fighting for our right.” Holden



“To tell the Truth.” Hannah

“Being honest is something that is hard.”



“To go in a deadly path.” Tim

“I was brave when I went down the water slide.” Hannah

“I think lily was brave when she went on the hillside.” Jake




These words are quickly becoming a part of the vocabulary at Mystery Bay.  I’m looking forward to thinking about what our own flags would look like if we were to represent ourselves for the world!

More about this at The Living Classroom

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2 Responses to Understanding Flags

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  2. anna golden says:

    thank you for sharing the children’s talk about these words -pure poetry!

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