The Studio

The Studio at The Community School of West Seattle is a place where everyone is encouraged to immerse themselves in creative expression, to better reflect our experiences with the world and each other. The Studio is a place where we can come together as artists and friends to blend and share ideas, to help foster and cultivate our school culture.
In The Studio ideas emerge  through a variety mediums. Everyday your child can find easel painting, a sculpture, a wet sensory table and a dry sensory table, cutting/gluing and paper play as well as table top painting and other explorations. Each child has access to inspiring books and adult materials such as permanent markers, glass jars and high quality brushes and paints. We believe in providing children with these materials because it builds a sense of trust.  When we have high expectations for our children, they grow, thrive and create at a higher level.
Reflecting on our growth is important to us. You can find these reflections in the form of photos in the classroom and videos on The Studio Blog where I will also provide information about themes we are working on, articles, links and wish lists.
The Studio is an option for all preschoolers and if you feel like your child isn’t participating, please take a moment to stop by and check in with me.  Often times it takes a bit for new arrivals to become comfortable with their classroom, let alone the vast world of The Studio. Art should always be a joyful choice.

Studio Schedule
9:30 – 10:30 The Studio is open to Mystery Bay and Vashon
10:30 – 11:30 The Studio is open to Orcas and Blake
1:00 – 1:30   Is open to the K-2 classroom for a lead art lesson
1:30 – 2:30 The studio is open for the entire school to come and go.

Volunteering and family involvement is always welcome. Donating materials is also a great way to be involved! When thinking about what might be useful in the studio remember that if you have copious amount of it, there’s a large chance we’d love to have it. Bread tabs, toilet paper rolls, safety pins, paper, jar lids, beads, yeah!  I’d love to chat about your ideas of what to donate! If you’d like to donate your time, interest or expertise in ANY realm please, please, please contact me! The Studio is fluid and open for everyone’s ideas and passions. Your child doesn’t have to be present in The Studio for you to be apart of it!


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